Authentic Arabic footwear made for the elite Arabic men.

We bring the next-level Arabic formal footwear fashion to champion the daily grind of the elite Arabic men in the Gulf and the neighboring countries. A footwear brand inspired with passion and love for the emerging culture of the modern generation of the elite Arabic society.

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  • Premium Quality

    All products designed in high-quality premium authentic leather. Proudly made by Arab for Arab shoes aficionados.

  • Fast Delivery

    We deliver your next shoes right at your doorstep. Purchases outside Kuwait will also be accomodated.

  • Flexible Payments

    We accepts all major credit cards and local payment options - KNET, Visa, Mastercard, MyFatoorah, Paypal.

  • Proudly Arab

    Alhendam is proudly an Arabic footwear brand. We understand the norms and fashion culture of modern Arabic men.

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